Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wedding Night Jitters

Just when I thought my French was getting better...

Last night I was listening to a shopkeeper across from my hotel tell me about the traditions of the Muslims in the area. He was talking in French and I was pretty proud of myself that I was understanding most of what he was saying.

Then he told me that he was circumcised on his wedding night.

At least that's what I thought he said. Either my French is failing me again or there are some rituals around here that seem both counter-intuitive and counter-productive.


c_candide said...

Marcello: good to hear a stranger is prepared to share wedding night secrets with you -- you must have awesome emphatic powers. I would never talk about my wedding night (not just with you, with anybody!).

But if he did say: "je me suis fait circoncise pendant ma nuit de noces", you may have misunderstood -- perhaps he was referring to the "cirque" he was offered to attend as part of his party. I witnessed a wedding in Fez on my only visit to Marocco and I remember there were more domestic animals in attendance than people. Or perhaps he had just too much to drink that night.

We enjoy your blog -- we are Marc and Susanne, the older Belgian-Swedish Monday oyster freaks from Big Fish. We miss you in Calgary. We just came back from Bali and Australia and will be in Switzerland next week followed by Berlin -- well, there is your theme about "walls". Enjoy the experiences. And Greene's writings are certainly not as brilliant as yours.

Marcello Di cintio said...

I don't think he was saying 'cirque'. He actually mimed a circumcision with his hands.

Great to hear from you. You might see me on Mondays in June, but on your side of the bar from now on.